What is the Simulaton Life?

The simulaton life is a rich life experience provided by training our minds to consider simulations of natural and human phenomena often in order to gain depth in understanding, awareness, and compassion.

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  • Man-made Systems

    Understanding man's interaction with his world

  • Natural Systems

    Understanding nature through simulation of its phenomena

From the Book

  • Chapter One

    We live in but a simulation of the physical world
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  • Chapter Two

    Neuroscience and a theory of mind
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  • Chapter Three

    The embedded mind
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  • Chapter Four

    Artifacts as our source of learning
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  • Chapter Five

    Dreams as simulation
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  • Chapter Six

    Imagination as provider of quality of life
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  • Chapter Seven

    Systems simulation for understanding nature
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  • Chapter Eight

    Systems simulation for understanding evolution
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  • Chapter Nine

    Systems simulation for understanding society
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  • Chapter Ten

    Simulation for the collaborating mind
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  • Chapter Eleven

    The power of social networks
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  • Chapter Twelve

    Thinking in systems: a richer life experience
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